St Albans School is governed by the community elected Board of Trustees.
The management of St Albans School is carried out by the Principal in conjunction with the staff.

Leadership Team 
First Deputy Principal
Second Deputy Principal
Leader – Nga Kiwi Hub – Y0/1
Leader – Tui Hub – Y2 & Y1/2
Leader – Tōtara Hub – Y3/4
Leader – Kahikatea Hub – Y3/4
Leader – Ōtākaro Hub – Y5/6
Leader – Waimakariri Hub – Y5/6
Directors of Learning & Innovations Leaders
Sport and PE
2016 Classes
Nga Kiwi Year 0/1
Nga Kiwi 4
Nga Kiwi 5
Nga Kiwi 6
Nga Kiwi 7
June Sutherland (Hub Leader)
Tui Hub Year 2
Tui 22
Tui 23
Anna Ashby (Hub Leader)
Tui 24
Tui 10
Totara Hub Year 3/4 
Tōtara 25
Tōtara 26
Nicky Simmons (Hub Leader)
Tōtara 27
Kahikatea Year 3/4
Kahikatea 1
Kahikatea 13
Kahikatea 17
Jane Allen (Hub Leader)
Kahikatea 18
Year 5/6 Otakaro
Ōtākaro 1
Renee Kake (Hub Leader)
Ōtākaro 2
Ōtākaro 3
Year 5/6 Waimakariri
Waimakariri 19
Waimakariri 20
Carmen Aldridge (Hub Leader)
Waimakariri 21
Te Tikanga Rua Reo
Resource Teacher of Maori
Targeted Learning Team
SENCO (Co-ordinator)
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
ORS Teacher Assistant
ORS Teacher Assistant
ORS Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant
Programme Enrichment/Support
Gifted & Talented Programmes
Claire Howison (Co-ordinator)
Reading Recovery
Helen Pullar (Reading Recovery Teacher)
ESOL Support
Administration Team
Executive Officer
Resource Management
Admin Support
Resource Support
Cleaning/Caretaking Team
Traffic Wardens
Traffic Warden
Lee Jewel
Traffic Warden
Tracey Hayes