Literacy is one of the major priorities. The school has developed a strong literacy curriculum programme that focuses on the differentiation of learning programmes, understanding learning styles and using authentic context for learning.

By sound planning, monitoring and discussion, teachers will endeavour to meet the curriculum needs of able children within the classroom programmes of work. Advanced curriculum objectives may be set, or independent research activities may be followed. Where needed, the classroom programme will be supported by an ILP (individualised learning plan).

The school will endeavour to provide for some programmes (within the means of staffing, mentoring, budget, organisation and space) on a withdrawal basis. Through recommendations of class teachers / team groups will be withdrawn to cover a variety of interest focus areas. After children have been identified, groups will be established and sessions will run for a specified period. Opportunities will be given for inclusion in outside the school activities (e.g. Young Inventionz Exhibition, Otago Problem Solving, Science Certificates, Technology Roadshow, Science Alive).