BYOD Protocols

In keeping with our Health, Safety, and Welfare policy, we maintain comprehensive Cybersafety policies and procedures to guide our use of the Internet and ICT devices and equipment. Students in Years 3 – 6 may bring their own digital device to use at school to enhance their learning, provided that the student and their parent/caregiver have read and signed the BYOD agreement before a device is brought to school. This outlines the expectations and responsibilities of each party. If a student breaches the BYOD agreement, they may lose the privilege of bringing their own device to school, and the school’s behaviour management plan may be invoked.

Year 2 pupils may bring iPads if available.

Key Information:

Children who have signed agreement from parents will be able to bring their digital device to school. We will have our technician on site to help us resolve any connectivity issues.

As devices are a tool for learning they will be used when appropriate. This will obviously vary depending on the type of learning taking place.

BYOD Agreement Form

Device Recommendations

  • Ensure the device meets the specifications as recommended by the school
    • Minimum of 7.5” screen size
    • Come to school fully charged and hold its charge for a full school day
    • Recommended devices, if not already purchased, are: iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, MacBook Air
    • Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman provide excellent advice and service around BYOD purchasing
  • Family sharing is available via your apple ID, meaning you can purchase an App once and share it across family devices.

St Albans School is dedicated to equitable access for students and will continue to provide devices for those students unable to provide their own.

Suggested Website for Safety Tips