Digital Technology

St Albans School is committed to embracing changes in technology. We have developed an ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) strategic plan. Its intentions are that:

  • ICT will be an integral part of the teaching and learning process; learning with and learning through the use of e-tools
  • ICT becomes invisible within the school, a seamless join of learning, as secondary in nature as picking up a pen
  • We will underpin the use of ICT to achieve our shared vision


The Board of Trustees work hard to provide the funding required to keep in-step with ever-changing technologies. Home bases have a mixture of ceiling mounted data projectors, television screens, desktop and laptop computers, Chromebooks, iPads and digital cameras. We have a planned approach to the renewal of equipment.

At St Albans School we use a variety of tools to enhance our learning programmes. Our children are growing up in a digital age and it is our responsibility to ensure they are well equipped for their future. We continue to encourage children to use the best tool for the task – pen, paper, books and devices are all important tools for learning.

We also encourage children from Years 3 – 6 to bring their own device to school to support their learning (Year 2 may bring an iPad if available). Having a personal device ensures your child has their work at their fingertips all of the time. It also makes it very easy to share the learning happening at school with you at home. 

Our strong recommendation is for children to have an iPad or iPad mini – ideally running iOs 13. We continue to offer BYOD to children on any other devices providing they are able to hold their charge for a full school day and have a screen size of at least 7.9″. St Albans School BOT ensure there are devices to share available for those children who do not have their own.

A BYOD permission form and contract is signed by the parent and child. The child is then able to use their own device to school each day to complete learning tasks. 


We make extensive use of hub blogs to promote learning beyond the school day. These blogs can be accessed through our school website.

Most blogs have links to online learning opportunities that children can use at home.