Enrolment Scheme

New Enrolments

To enrol your child at St Albans School, please click here for the online enrolment form.

Please note, for mainstream enrolments you must reside in our school zone.

Enrolment Scheme

The amended scheme has been approved by the Ministry of Education.  Please note the information regarding our Enrolment Scheme differs from that on the TKI/Education Council Website.  The correct map is the one here. 
Confirmed Zone Map

Home Zone

Starting from the intersection of Innes Road and Browns Road

  • South East along Browns Road to St Albans Street
  • North East along St Albans Street to Abberley Crescent
    • Including Kinleys Lane
  • South East along Abberley Crescent to Springfield Road
  • South along Springfield Road to Durham Street North
    • Including Ranfurly Street between Springfield Road and Abberfield Lane
    • Including Abberfield Lane
    • Including Springfield Road between Durham Street North and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Durham Street North to Caledonian Road
    • Including addresses on Durham Street North located north of Bealey Avenue
  • South along Caledonian Road to Purchas Street
    • Including Caledonian Road between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Purchas Street to Sherborne Street
    • Including addresses on Colombo Street between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
    • Including addresses on Sherborne Street between Purchas Street and Bealey Avenue
  • East along Purchas Street to Madras Street
  • North along Madras Street to Canon Street
  • East along Canon Street to Barbadoes Street
  • North along Barbadoes Street to Warrington Street
  • East along Warrington Street to Flockton Street
  • North West along Flockton Street to Westminster Street
  • South West along Westminster Street to Thames Street
  • North West along Thames Street to Innes Road
  • South West along Innes Road to Browns Road

Addresses on both sides of boundary roads are considered in-zone unless specified otherwise.