School Donations, Curriculum Activities & Swimming

For those who like to get school expenses out of the way early, school donation, curriculum activities and swimming amounts are:

To help supplement school funds, the Board of Trustees asks for a voluntary donation from each family annually. The suggested amount is $100 per pupil or $180 per family. These donations are used to purchase resources to support children’s learning.

The school donation is tax deductible which means you can claim one third back from Inland Revenue.

The ask for an Activity Donation of $100 per child per year (or $25 per term). These funds are used to cover activities and trips over the year.

These are confirmed annually.

Online payments to our bank account are preferred: St Albans School 12-3151-0178176-00. Please reference your payment with the name of your eldest child at school.  You may also pay by cash or eftpos at the office.  Your account balance can be accessed via your HERO login, where you are also able to pay by credit card via Stripe (fees apply). Additionally, you are most welcome to pay by small weekly or fortnightly instalments.

ACORN Fund (Accessing Children’s Resources & Opportunities to meet their Needs)
The Board of Trustees provides annual funding to enable children to access school charter related educational activities in situations of financial need. This may, for example, be a contribution towards fees for sports fees, exam costs, uniforms, stationery, camp, swimming or activities.

Application forms are available from the office. No individual child can be awarded more than $70 a year.